chroot SSH arch linux

I used this article to help me setup chroot

but i kept getting error with ssh

"You don’t exist, go away!"

this is how i fixed it:

ln /etc/passwd /var/jail/etc/
ln /etc/group /var/jail/etc/

The key part now is you need both of these paths!

cp /usr/lib/linnss_* /var/jail/usr/lib/
cp /lib/libnss_* /var/jail/lib/

Then i got this error when i tried ssh again.
"PRNG is not seeded"

fixed it by running.
mknod /var/jail/dev/urandom c 1 9

now i get "host key verification failed", so i had to run
mknod -m 666 /var/jail/dev/tty c 5 0

eef! an hour lost searching for an answer online. I hope this helps someone.


epanel v1.3.1 released


pushkey v1.1 released

Pushes your ssh key to a remote location. It tries to create a .ssh folder remotley then it adds your ssh key to authorized_keys. 
It also applies the correct permissions on the folder and file. 
If your ssh key does not exist then it will go through the process of creating one for you.



slackware 14 x64 - tagfile

I created a slackware v14 x64 tagfile as a minimal install. It is only 540M.

here: http://goo.gl/AyX4s

Untar the file somewhere and during "setup" you will see install options full, menu, expert and tagpath.
Choose tagpath and specify the path of where you untared the files.

ie. /tmp/tags/slackware64/

To mount this file during install you have several options. One option is  .iso mount, another is
wget http://goo.gl/AyX4s

When i was on virtualbox i did something interesting.
I added two cdrom drives, one for install cd and one for the tagfile.iso.

I ran dd on my desktop:
dd if=tarfile.tar of=tarfile.iso

I added the iso in the virtualbox cdrom

during slackware live cd shell i ran
cat /dev/cdrom0 > /tmp/mytarfile.tar

cat /dev/cdrom0 showed me the whole contents of tar so that's how i knew what was in it.