Android 2.2.2 - LG Optimus V wifi tether

I tried different wifi tethering apps (like 'quick settings') but they don't work.  Everytime I try to connect it would say 'network not available' . To get tethering to actually work I had to root the phone then download 'wifi tether' from the android market.

The source below wrote a great how to. The only thing I would add is to browse the site and download the jailbreak (gingerbreak) directly from your phone.


vmware-cmd suspend example

list vm's
vmware-cmd -U username -P password -H servername -l

get a vm 's state
vmware-cmd -U username -P password -H servername /vmfs/volname/vmname/vmname.vmx getstate

suspend a vm's
vmware-cmd [vm-cfg-path] start [powerop_mode]
vmware-cmd -U username -P password -H servername /vmfs/volname/vmname/vmname.vmx suspend soft

If you are wondering why i put this half ass post together. I did it b/c every article I found online only mentioned to add suspend at the end of the command and it didn't work. I had to also specify the powerop_mode

vmware-cmd [vm-cfg-path] suspend [powerop_mode]   powers on a previously powered off or resumes a suspended virtual machine. The [powerop_mode] could be contain one of the following: ‘hard’, ‘soft’ or ‘trysoft’. If this option is not defined the default value will be soft.


raritan dominion kx ii - error vm share mode denied

i kept getting error about vm share mod off (or something like that) when I try to connect an iso through usb. I wish I saved the exact error message.. anyway, the resolution was to update the firmware on the specific port.

go to maintenance, cim firmware upgrade, and upgrade the one with the problem. From what i can recall, I upraded the firmware on the whole unit itself awhile back and that gave me the latest CIM firmware...

hope this helps someone out there as google didnt show any results...
oh and ignore grammer and syntax...im lazy