Sopcast - attn: Linux users

I noticed sopcast site only has rpm for their GUI and last I checked its a dead link (shows how much they care about Linux.)
So what about about the Debian/Ubuntu folks? Don't worry here is the .deb version of gtksopcast 0.2.8-1

Firefox v3 - segmentation fault error (Linux)

Every time I use save dialog Firefox would crash. So I ran Firefox in terminal and I found error "segmentation fault" whenever I use the save dialog.
Long story short, I disabled "prism for Firefox" extension and now It doesn't crash.



This is a cool program for watching TV online. It works on Windows, Mac, & Linux.

However for Windows I prefer using TVUNetworks instead. The only problem with peertv is the program was its not English but that wasn't to much of a problem since I still got it to work.

Link to the website


gMote - mouse gestures (Windows)

I found this cool program called gMote. It lets you create your own shortcuts that you launch using mouse gestures.

I use it instead of having shortcuts on my desktop.

Download link


Virtual PC DOS games

I made virtual PC disks (.vfd format).... they are DOS games.
Use DOS in Virtual PC to run them.
Download it