This program is like ObjectDock but I prefer this one. Its also free, & much more responsive.

More info + watch video here



Pando is free P2P software that makes downloading, streaming and sharing large media files fast, easy and fun. Its like beamfile but you both don't have to be on at same time to transfer stuff. In my case, I cant always be reached for file transfers, and I don't leave the computer on so this was the best option. You share files, send to any recipient and it starts uploading right away. No waiting for other side to accept.

The bad:
  • Ads in the bottom screen
  • beamfile's interface is simpler

The good:
  • Upload to friendsemail recipients without waiting for them to accept
  • Downloads .torrent files too
  • works in Windows, Mac, & Linux (with wine, not supported by the company)

Download it!


ZoomIt - Magnifier

I wasn't happy with windows magnifier and I'm surprised actually b/c Mac & Linux (w/ Beryl) have wonderful magnification capabilities. So long story short I found an OK solution. On the plus side, It lets you draw on screen too. On the negative side, It doesn't let you click or move anything while in zoom mode. If you don't like this program you can also try Virtual Magnifying Glass (portable), but I must tell you it too doesn't let you move anything while in zoom.

Download ZoomIt for Windows